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4 Advantages of Robotic Joint Replacement

Nov 13, 2023
4 Advantages of Robotic Joint Replacement
Chronic joint pain can significantly impact your quality of life, but opting for invasive surgery sounds just as painful — unless you opt for robotic joint replacement. Keep reading to learn more about how this technology can benefit you.

Joint replacement surgeries are among the most frequently performed in the US. Every year, approximately 790,000 people have their knees replaced; 450,000 people get a new hip joint; and 50,000 people replace their shoulder joint — and those are conservative numbers. 

However, joint replacement surgeries haven’t always been efficient, and many found themselves in just as much pain after their operation. 

Enter robotic joint replacement

A robot doesn’t perform your surgery. Instead, Dr. Nikhil Pandhi uses advanced technology to perform your surgery quickly and accurately. 

Dr. Pandhi and our team are highly trained to use robotic surgical tools and pass the benefits directly on to you. 

Here are just some of the reasons why we love recommending robotic joint replacement. 

1. Minimally invasive

When it comes down to it, most shy away from traditional surgery because they picture lots of tools and hands manipulating the delicate insides of their joints. Because robotic joint replacement involves smaller tools and operates with much higher precision than a human hand, we don’t need to rummage around in your joints to perform your surgery. 

We use the Mako SmartRobotics™ system and detailed CT scans to determine, down to the last detail, the size of your joint implant, where to make incisions, and where to position each part of the replacement joint. 

2. Less pain and scarring

A more minimally invasive procedure naturally results in less bleeding and pain during the operation and less severe scarring later on, which significantly reduces your risk for post-op side effects. 

3. Less damage

Robotic joint replacement allows us to “get in and get out” of your joint quickly, leaving the rest of your body essentially untouched. The precision and smaller size of the robotic tools allow for the precise removal of diseased and damaged tissues and help us place the new joint in the exact right spot. 

4. Faster recovery

With less bleeding, pain, scarring, and damage to your surrounding joints, your results develop faster and, in many cases, better than traditional surgeries. 

Am I a candidate for robotic joint replacement?

If you want to get on the fast track to a pain-free life, start with Dr. Pandhi. Your journey to less pain begins with an evaluation. Our team reviews your medical history and symptoms and determines the cause of your joint pain before recommending treatment. 

We start conservatively with physical therapy, activity modification, and anti-inflammatory joint injections. If your joints are already severely damaged or you don’t respond to conservative interventions, we discuss the possibility of robotic joint replacement. 

We consider surgery of any kind a last resort, but with robotic-assisted surgery, we can almost guarantee better, faster results. 

If you need surgery and want to see if you qualify, call or click to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pandhi and have a consultation today.